Viata focuses on providing comprehensive and considerate online death care and veneration service. Thus, advocating life and death education to the public. Our APP, Viata, is about life and death, integrating technology Innovation and traditional funeral industry.

As you are well aware, the funeral industry in Hong Kong is traditional and backward. Extremely low transparency and fluctuated prices of funeral are the drawbacks of the industry.

In addition, Hong Kong currently lacks a platform for customization on veneration service, including the purchase of funeral items, coordination of various religious ceremonies, handling of life and death documents in hospitals, appointments for cremation, burial services, etc.

Therefore, substantial pricing and comprehensible information of the funeral is needed.

Moreover, the tradition of worshipping ancestors has gradually faded for the new generation. We hope we can bring a revolution in this industry by using modern technology to grab the attention of the public.

Viata is making a fusion of modern technology and traditional funeral industry through our APP and hence promoting life and death education.

Mission and Vision

Viata promotes death positivity. Advocating life and death education by providing death care service wholeheartedly is our vision. We encourage the public to conquer the fear of death and breath a new life.

We care.
We comprehend.
We stand by you.

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