Upcoming Events

12 OCT - 8 JAN
Student Online Registration (on or before 3:00pm)
23 JAN
Briefing Sessions
26 FEB
Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for both preliminary pitching days) (on or before 11:00am)
Announcement of Official Preliminary Pitching Day Allocation
Networking Event A
20 MAR
1st Preliminary Pitching Day
27 MAR
2nd Preliminary Pitching Day
  APR -   MAY
“Meet Your Mentor”
Networking Event B & Announcement of Finalist Teams
10 MAY
Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for Final Pitching Day) (on or before 11:00am)
15 MAY
Final Pitching Day
22 MAY
Awards Presentation Ceremony

Judging Criteria and Guidelines

Judging Criteria

Time to show your true qualities. A good presentation contains many sound elements that mark it out as a quality proposition. But judges will be looking closely at all aspects of the teams with a keen eye on to finding the business ideas that are destined to make history. And they will also be looking at the following criteria (amongst others) during the five-minute pitch.

  1. Innovation and Creativity
  2. Entrepreneurial and Passionate
  3. Execution and Practicality
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Golden Question

In the case of the disqualification of a winning entrant for any reason, the Organizer may decide at its sole discretion to select another winner based on the same judging criteria.

The Organizer's decision on all matters regarding the competition including disputes and results, will be final and no correspondences or discussions shall be entered into.

The Organizer reserves all rights to matters relating to the competition including competition rules, disputes and disqualification.

How are entries evaluated?

The judging panel is composed of the elite members of venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals. They will place business ideas and the presentation performance under close scrutiny. Are ideas viable? How convincingly is the idea presented?