Competition Format

Phase I - Preliminary Round

  1. Online Registration and information upload
    - Each participating team are required to fill in the application form online; and upload identification documents of each team member during online registration:
    (i) soft copy of identity proof of a full time local student that is issued by a local secondary school in Hong Kong.
    - A registration notice with team number will be sent to the registrants after submitting the online form. The team number is used for the online submission of competition entries.
  2. Entry Submission
    - Each participating team have to be submit both the proposal and video on or before 1:00 pm 1 April 2022 online, late submission will be considered withdrawing from the competition. Teams must follow all the entry requirements and standard format as below:
    1. A promotion or presentation video:
    (i) no more than 3-minute
    (ii) resolution: higher than 720x576 pixel
    (iii) upload on youtube
    2. A proposal:
    (i) save as pdf file
    (ii) in Chinese or English
    (iii) no more than 3 pages of A4 paper including words and pictures(if any);
    (iv) font size 12, single line spacing
    (v) no hand writing or scanning
    (vi) include team name, team number and youtube link of the promotion / presentation video
  3. Judging period
    - The preliminary judging period: April 2022 to May 2022.
    - 10 teams will be selected to progress to the final round.
    - Result will be announced on 20 May 2022.
    - All participating teams will be given certificates of participation as an encouragement.

Phase II - Final Round

  1. Mentorship Program
    - Each finalist team will be paired with a seasoned entrepreneur or a mentor from the respective industry, who will provide adequate support and professional advice throughout the entire preparatory road to the final.
  2. Final Presentation submissions
    - Presentation PowerPoint or slides have to be submitted on or before 1:00 pm 20 June 2022 online.
    - Attendance of the whole team is required.
    - Given 5 minutes for each presentation, each team has to conduct their entire presentation within the time limit in any form.
    - The presentation will be immediately followed by a 10-minute Q & A session with the judging panel.
  3. Award Presentation Ceremony
    - The top teams will be showcasing their projects.
    - Winners, as well as the finalists and the rest of the participating teams will be invited on stage to accept their awards and certificates.