Upcoming Events

12 OCT - 8 JAN
Student Online Registration (on or before 3:00pm)
23 JAN
Briefing Sessions
26 FEB
Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for both preliminary pitching days) (on or before 11:00am)
Announcement of Official Preliminary Pitching Day Allocation
Networking Event A
20 MAR
1st Preliminary Pitching Day
27 MAR
2nd Preliminary Pitching Day
  APR -   MAY
“Meet Your Mentor”
Networking Event B & Announcement of Finalist Teams
10 MAY
Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for Final Pitching Day) (on or before 11:00am)
15 MAY
Final Pitching Day
22 MAY
Awards Presentation Ceremony

Qualifiers to the Final Round

Registration No. Team Name
200002 Renew
200013 Venbot
200029 pet pet union club
200045 Vending The World
200067 Gelpro
200071 Go School HK
200080 Viata
200170 Itinni Limited
200174 Herbioust
200177 Habits Log