HKSTPC Silver Technopreneur Award

Vending The World

Every year in Hong Kong around 155 million pieces of food are disposed unnecessarily because they have past best-before dates, causing an economic loss of more than 1 billion HKD. Foodwaste produces GHGs, the amount of GHGs produced accounted for 8% of total global GHG emission.

Through our vending machine and paired mobile APP:

  • Vending machines:
    - AI price adjuster lowers the price as products getting closer to best-before date
  • APP
    - Customer attraction trough updating attractive prices
    - Users have real-time access to product information and vending machine’s locations
  • Education propose is achieved by displaying educational material on machines’ LCD display

Low renting cost is the advantage of vending machines. One physical store of 100ft costs equivalent of 20-50 vending machines (price varies based on location). This helps to lower operational cost and reduces people cost. Short-sated stocks are recycled using only 10% of the retail price.

The Vending The World Team is able to develop technologies independently and has collaborations established with 4 suppliers, environmentalists and NGO.

For more information, please visit Vending The World Website:

Photo of HKSTPC Silver Technopreneur Award Winning Team- Vending The World and Judge of Dare To Change Competition