Venbot is a social media-oriented sales management system. We generate business opportunities through AI social media automation to increase sales performance of sales agents.

Traditional sales channels such as roadshows, flyers, and referrals are disrupted due to the change of consumer habits and COVID-19. Over 400,000 Hong Kong Sales agents are transforming from face-to-face activities to digital channels, especially for industries requiring personal branding e.g. Insurance, Beauty, Property & Direct Selling. Venbot is a full solution addressing the needs of accurate and massive lead generation, and sales actions management with the overflown information from social media.

Venbot consists of 3 modules, i.e. Community Builder, Social CRM, and S.A.M. (Sales Action Manager) to grow your social media business.

Community builder is an AI lead generation program to connect sales agents to target audience. It analyses the sales agent’s business, and searches for related keywords to find the audience that have shown interest in the topics on social media.

Social CRM prioritizes and classifies leads by interests and sales processes. It tracks the engagement activity between the leads and the sales agent, and the interests of the leads so that the sales agent can implement targeted sales strategies on different potential customers.

S.A.M. (Sales Action Manager) is an AI assistant to manage and execute the sales agent’s sales action plan. S.A.M. approaches the leads automatically with a planned script and workflow. The sales agent is no longer bothered by tedious actions of copying messages. S.A.M. keeps track on all leads to make sure there’s no miss out on every opportunity.

Venbot eventually improves the lead generation and sales process with feedback from S.A.M. to find out the winning factors of every deal to increase the conversion rate of sales agents.

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Photo of Finalist Team- Venbot and Judge of Dare To Change Competition