The Four

Have you ever felt lonely for lack of company when planning to hang out on a Friday night? What is the last time you get yourself exposed to an unacquainted person face to face? Do you feel difficult to make friends in a strange city? Here, I offer you the savior, MATCH.

MATCH is a multi-functional social app that helps you find companions including dinning, watching movies or even hiking. With MATCH, users can be matched according to their own set preferences containing region, time and even budget. Besides of function of chatting, online payment for tickets and booking service are also available in this app. Therefore, MATCH acts like a triple bond connecting users to users to businesses like restaurants and cinemas.

Overall, MATCH is a social app with much more specific purposes. This feature also gives it the social value to pull the hidden youth out of their comfort zone to participate in the real world for real friends instead of typing all day with their e-friends. Though MATCH starts at cyberworld, it finally drives people into reality.

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