Smily Studio

Hidden Tactics is a card game for PC and will be extended to a mobile app in the future. This is a brand new idea combining the traditional five elements system and a card game with a story based on Hong Kong. The first objective is to promote both five elements system with Hong Kong local myths, and culture through an in-game story. Since there are not so many games which introduce local content, we aim at designing a game to introduce Hong Kong in culture aspect. There are countless wonderful card games which are deep-rooted in their ethnic culture. The players are not only to enjoy the game but also be immerse themselves in the game views.

Hong Kong is a city which combines western and oriental cultures, it has more unique stories that could be adapted into the game. The second objective is to introduce five elements system into the card game in order to introduce this philosophy system to the public. There will be more variations and diversifications in the game as the system explain the processes of generating the universe. The five elements can transfer to or overcome other elements so that the game contains many combo skills or strategic thinking for players to explore.

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Photo of Finalist Team - Smily Studio and Judge of Dare To Change Competition