HKSTPC Silver Technopreneur Award

Simplify technology

Simplify Tech aims to provide a smart solution to the ageing population, by simplifying the medication processes. Bringing peace-of-mind to our customers, and taking away their worries of missing dosage and improper storage.

Treasure is an all-in-one pill management solution and provides proper storage, an automatic dispensing system, and a medication logbook. To help patients connect with their doctors.

Treasure is designed for the elderly and chronic disease patients, no installation is required, and is it very intuitive to navigate through all functions. Treasure can scan information on prescription bags, and will automatically input the dosage and frequency. Thanks to our in-house design pill tubes, the tube can be adjusted to fit any sizes and shapes, and patients do not need to change the tube manually. Just pour all medicines into one container, then Treasure will do the rest. Treasure can hold up to 10 types of medicines at a time, will a storage level of 2-3 months.

The logbook not only records dosage and treatments, smart biometric devices with connectivity can be linked to Treasure, the biometrics combined with dosage information will become valuable diagnostic information for doctors. Patients can also see the progress of their treatment, and me more motivated when they can see their conditions improving.

Treasure is unlike any existing solutions, we provide the only fully automatic pill dispensing system, whereas other competitors require manually fill in cups, or changing tubes. The treasure logbook also generates health reports for patients and doctors to keep track of their treatment progresses.

There is huge potential in the pill dispenser market, it worth over 3 billion and growing at 8% per year. 2017 Policy Address also reserved 1 billion for elderly homes and day-care centres to trial on healthcare technology. We want to help patients connect with their doctors.

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Mr. Peter Mok , Head of Incubation Programme, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (Right) and HKSTPC Technopreneur Silver Award - Simplify Technology