HKSTPC Bronze Technopreneur Award


RoleRoad offers global travellers with local experience packages through a persona roleplay app with interactive technology.

Hong Kong has been known as a shopping paradise for many years. Because of the popularity of online purchasing, shopping in Hong Kong is losing its advantages of low price. Keeping the ‘Shopping paradise strategy’ leads to a continuous drop in the tourists travelling expenses in the past 7 years. Other large sight-seeing facilities are not attractive enough to keep tourist retention in revisiting Hong Kong. The current coronavirus pandemic makes the situation even worse. The tourism industry is facing a hard time. There is an urgent need for creative change.

There is a global new trend called ‘experiential travelling’. People enjoy personal and flexible trips. Travellers want to explore different cultures and lifestyles. They are willing to try new technology to enhance their experience. RoleRoad believes that storytelling through a local persona in a first-person perspective is the best way to immerse for a comprehensive and authentic experience. After arriving in Hong Kong and downloading our app, travellers can choose stories of Hong Kong people. They will become the main character of the story. According to the storyline, travellers will walk through local locations, shops, restaurants, and experience local life from a local perspective. During the process, users can make choices in the story, which affects the route they experience. AR technology is used to cooperate with real-life environments and create objects and scenarios for interaction to drive the plot. Outdoor and indoor location detection technology will also be used for triggering specific interaction in precise areas.

Through RoleRoad, we hope to create new and fun Hong Kong travelling experience to global travellers, promote local brands and facilitate the recovery of Hong Kong tourism.

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