"The Perpetual Green" - Project Green

Today, we are living in modern cities with high-rising buildings and fascinating technology. However, poverty has been a consistent problem throughout history. There will always be people who are homeless and hungry. What a shame.

To have a better future, food is the fundamental for humanity, we should not fear of food crisis in 21st century. Thus, I would suggest we can have agricultural revolution by fully utilizing Aquaponics Farm in City for sustainable growth in the world.

Aquaculture + Hydroponics = Aquaponics, a highly sustainable food production system involving recirculating systems of symbiotic fish and plant production. We can apply this campaign into a concentrated population, to setup this solution at the roof topping in high-density cities. The Eco roof can grow food in 365 days in a domestic scale of production. Having food in a priceless formula and creating sustainable living wisely.

Apart from achieving sustainable food production, 'The Perpetual Green' alleviates serious problem of air pollution. With the use of 'Airing Roots' and 'Solar Power Generators', this project allows us to generate sufficient energy for the entire system and purify the polluted air synchronously. Plants can eliminate toxic substances through their roots and contaminated air will be purified by leveraging bladeless fan. This provides us clean air and generates renewable energy for obtaining a sustainable living.

'The Perpetual Green' serves with educational benefit. Aquaponics is the appropriate teaching tool for students to learn STEM subjects in the way of experiential learning. They can study the growth of fishes, plants, and bacteria interacting in a living ecosystem. Water quality tests, measurements of plants and animals can also be performed by the students.

To conclude, 'The Perpetual Green' is a game changer with its diverse functions to achieve sustainable development goals in terms of ecosystem, health management, environment protection, food security, and renewable energy consumption.

For more information, please contact dare.to.change@ydc.org.hk

Mr. Ivan Ma, Associate Director - Training & Staff Development Department, Centraline Property, the Finalist Team and Mr. Alex Lui, Managing Director, Olympus Capital Asia Environmental Partners