HKSTPC Techno Idea Award


Nearly half of all adults worldwide are diagnosed with chronic conditions, yet more than 50% do not adhere to their medications. This costs US$290 billion in the USA, €1.25 billion in Europe annually, in addition to 10% of hospitalizations among the elderly, making it a highly prevalent public health issue with grave economic consequences.

Understanding poor adherence is a multifactorial problem, PillPal holistically addresses factors such as forgetfulness, low health literacy and lack of motivation with our community-based and A.I.-driven solution:

  1. A.I. observing drug adherence: Directly observed therapy (DOTS) is a proven effective method to ensure medication adherence. Inspired by this evidence-based method, we developed a solution utilising A.I. to video-observe and assist patients to take the correct medication, on time.
  2. Contextual reminder, tracking and doctor monitoring: patients, caregivers, as well as doctors can track the medication adherence record.
  3. Community support: Pillpal allows the chronic illness patients to connect in real-time, as patient groups are proven to be useful in improving patients’ health literacy, psychosocial health and to achieving their health goals.
  4. Financial reward: Pillpal offers patients with good adherance financial reward by reducing their insurance premium.

Pillpal makes scalable impact on both individual patients and society. With better tracking, motivation and community support, patients can achieve better adherence and more effective disease control, which reduces the chance of complications and hospitalisation.

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