YDC Best Social Care Award

pet pet union club

We will serve as a transit platform for hidden youths who are ready to return to society, and provide them with work internship opportunities for pet activities and animal emotional support services. Through introductions with partner organizations, we will hire 15-25 year olds who have received pre-treatment internships to jointly participate in the organization of pet activities. During the work internship, we will provide animal emotional support services to hidden youths.

Many studies have pointed out that pets can affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain. Just looking at the faces of small animals or touching them, the human brain will naturally increase the secretion of oxytocin and dopamine, while reducing cortisol, relieve stress, bring happiness, and improve self-esteem, social anxiety, and job efficacy. The University of Hong Kong research also found that pets are an effective inducement to make hidden youths willing to change. Therefore, we will have a friendly dog in the office to accompany hidden youths to work together. The purpose is to reduce hidden youths’ work and social anxiety and pressure, make it easier for them to deal with problems under adversity, and promote the relationship between us and employees. Inter-communication and closer relationship make it easier for them to adapt to the working environment. They will learn the skills of organizing activities and marketing, increase sense of self-esteem, and prepare for their future career.

For more information, please visit pet pet union club Website: https://www.petpetunionclub.com/

Photo of YDC Best Social Care Award Winning Team- pet pet union club and Judge of Dare To Change Competition