The 1st Runner Up of YDC Entrepreneur Award


Apart from tracking the vital signs wirelessly and continuously, it is the smallest in size but also the most comprehensive one. Parents only need to put on the sock-like device on baby’s foot. Then all the vital signs will be instantaneously transferred to the base station at home. These raw data will be processed and will be sent to our online sever. Finally, they can be displayed on parents’ smartphone on a real time basis. If any of the data does not seem right, parents can be notified anytime and anywhere.

Peacify is a healthcare wearable product that monitors baby’s vital signs including blood oxygen level, heart rate, temperature and orientation. Parents can find out their baby's health condition at a glance, and even be alerted to abnormalities so that they can take preemptive actions to safeguard their child.

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Ms. Merita Tse, Director of YDC and the 1st Runner Up Winning Team