LALASPEAK is a professional firm that utilizes cutting-edge technology to promote English pronunciation learning in Hong Kong.

To begin with, customers need to fill in a form online to use our services. They have to fill in their personal details and needs analysis, so our firm could understand their needs in improving their pronunciation. There are three different plans for customers to choose. After that, they can pay online or bank in money.

After their payment, customers will receive an account and graded diagnostic passages. These diagnostic passages contain common mistakes in pronunciation made by Hong Kongers. These common mistakes are derived from a huge database of spoken English with big data technology. Clients need to read a passage aloud and record their voices. Then, they have to upload it to our website through their account.

After receiving the recordings from our clients, our professional linguists will listen to our clients’ recordings and analyse the recording with professional software and spectrograms. Then, they will provide advice to our clients through Whatsapp, Skype or they will meet face-to-face. Our profession linguists received standard training in phonetics and phonology, and they can read spectrograms and judge whether a word is pronounced correctly or not. Our firm plans to collaborate with the phonology lab in Hong Kong Baptist University.

There will be follow up practices upon the request of clients if they choose Plan B and Plan C. If clients choose Plan C, they will also receive pronunciation videos and learning materials regularly. They can also discuss learning issues on a platform.

For more information, please contact

The Finalist Team, Mr. Edmund Cheung, Executive Director, Private Equity Division, Bank of China International