YDC Best Young Startup Award


Jobegin is an application that inspired by our past experiences of temporary job.

Since the employee turnover rate is continuously increasing recently, especially for frontline employees from the hospitality and catering sectors. It is believed that the main factors are long working hours and poor working environment. In conventional way, an agent needs to allocate an employee to company through contacting people individually. However, Jobegin is comparatively more effective and efficient as we generate people who are looking for a job and directly allocate them to company when there is job vacancy.

Compared to similar applications in the current market, we provide bonus points scheme and QR code for taking attendance. It not only encourages employees maintain their work quality, but also provide guarantee and reference to employers when they are seeking an employee.

Please send email to kwokennyexe@gmail.com for more details.

Ms. Nisa Leung, Convener, Venture Investors Alliance of Hong Kong (Right) and YDC Best Young Startup Award - Jobegin