HKSTPC Golden Technopreneur Award

Itinni Limited

As a smart living venture, Itinni aims to ascend travel experience by offering a stress-free planning experience to the travel leaders, who are the key decision-makers and planners. As travel leaders ourselves, we see the existing problem on the lack of an efficient planning tool to gather fragmented travel information, integrate members' expectations and foster communication between trip members.

We offer an easy-to-use trip planner tool and users could leverage our AI itinerary suggestion. We position ourselves as the aggregator of aggregators where we fill the industry gap and link up industry providers on accommodation, flight and tour spot tickets. By finding the most favorable prices for the tour as well as providing the price differential of the trip within +/- 5 days, our solution would enhance flexibility for travelers to advance, postpone and prolong the trip. Also, by offering a one-stop payment platform, we could make the entire trip planning process hectic-free.

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Photo of HKSTPC Golden Technopreneur Award Winning Team- Itinni Limited and Judge of Dare To Change Competition