Hong Kong's first online shopping based electronic payment tools screening platform. Most of the time, we compare which payment method can get more favorable rewards before we pay, but we often lack enough time and information to make an accurate comparison. In addition, many people apply for many new credit cards in order to get rich welcome gifts and then do not use them, causing losses to the Banks.

INTEPAY analyses and integrates data to identify the best electronic payment methods for consumers each time they shop online. INTEPAY stimulates the use of different credit cards and increases the use of new credit cards through fair comparison.

Hong Kong's e-payment market has more than 4 million users, with an average of 7.8 e-payment tools per user. In the third quarter of 2018, the number of electronic payment transactions was 1.68 billion, with turnover of HK $174.9 billion.

INETEPAY's B2B2C business model provides filtering services through applications and websites. Our revenue comes from trading commissions, advertising, user fees and so on. Intepay is not a payment gateway, and we will not provide any direct payment function at this stage, so we are not in direct competition with other payment tools, we are just the promoters of the payment industry.

INTEPAY differs from other comparison platforms in the market, such as MoneyHero and GoBear, in that the data they provide is mostly simple, such as $2/ mile. Customers still need to calculate how much discount and reward they can get. But with INTEAPY it is possible to get the most accurate results with one click.

INTEPAY, a local fintech start-up consist of ten members. Two Co-founders are from CityU, HE Jia Jun (Rainix) and WONG Chi Wai (Raymond) studying BBA Information System. Other members from HKUST and POLYU are responsible for system develop, marketing and financing. We also have advisors from Cyperport, CITYU, HKUST and POLYU.

INTEPAY have got some awards and certifications, such as top 4 finalist on JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP! 2019 held by Alibaba, merit award on Hong Kong Fintech Competition 2018 held by Tencent.

For more information, please visit INTEPAY Website:

Photo of Finalist Team - INTEPAY and Judge of Dare To Change Competition