YDC Best Social Care Award

Heart to Heart

In Hong Kong, people suffering from mental illnesses have to wait for more than a year to receive treatment in general, regardless of the level of seriousness. Bias against mental illnesses in society still exist despite the education and resources available. It is hard for people who are not aware of mental health to start caring about their own mental well-being. Heart To Heart has been through the journey of promoting mental health in Hong Kong for 2 years, and we see how a new solution is in great need in the current situation.

We aspire to (i) promote mental well-being by offering stress relieving activities, (ii) shatter stigma and misunderstanding by offering a channel to talk about mental health, (iii) complement the incomprehensive mental healthcare system in Hong Kong, constructing a mental health-friendly society in the long run.

Our early adoptors are tertiary education students and fresh graduates aged 18-25. We are proposing 3 solutions-

  1. HingZone - A platform gathering activities that help people relieve their stress and relax after a hectic week, promoting mental well-being
  2. Naked Heart In The Dark - A human library workshop to shatter stigma on mental illness
  3. ShALL We Talk? Scheme - A counselling crash course to equip every one to handle mental health problems

For more information, please contact dare.to.change@ydc.org.hk