Habits Log

Determinants and benefits of aging in place are multifaceted while physical health and psychological health are two key aspects. There are currently structured programs such as follow-up appointments in outpatient centers to look after elderly’s physical health.

Regarding elderly’s psychological well-being, geriatric depressive symptoms demand public concern. As the population ages, there would be a corresponding rise of depressive symptoms. If left untreated, major depressive disorder may lead to devastating consequences such as cognitive decline. These could possibly be prevented through early identification and interventions. As most of the geriatric depressive symptoms are related to elderly’s activity pattern which is defined as actions that the same individual consistently performs within the same activity , geriatric depressive symptoms could be reflected in disruption of activity pattern. Collection of elderly’s vital signs might also indicate other underlying health problems. Such detection could however be challenging due to the following limitations:

  • Lack of systematic record of elderly’s activity pattern in the community
  • Low feasibility due to inadequate manpower and ageing population
  • Lack of data on elderly’s activity pattern in the local community for academic research

Habits Log is a customised wearable which aims at assessing and predicting probable geriatric depression through early identification of disruption of activity pattern and facilitating early care-planning. Radiofrequency Identification (Ultra-high frequency) technology will be integrated. This innovation represents contributions to the industrial field, healthcare workers and elderly. At the industrial level, to our knowledge, Habits Log is one of few innovations that collects data on elderly’s routines with the application of existing technologies and components for both clinical prevention of geriatric depression and academic research. From the healthcare professionals’ perspective, they could save more time for other nursing procedures while keeping track on the elderly’s activity and addressing the need of potential victims of depressive symptoms accordingly. From the elderly’s point of view, the gadget might increase their satisfaction and confidence on integration of health technology in daily care. On top of this, they could identify promptly and receive early intervention to cope with depressive symptoms by creating a unique diary.

For more information, please contact dare.to.change@ydc.org.hk

Photo of Finalist Team - Habits Log and Judge of Dare To Change Competition