Go School HK

Go School HK is a startup that provides one-stop school admission consulting service to students who want to pursue their studies in Hong Kong. Aside from providing traditional consultation services, we are also developing a set of software solutions and programs to perfect and tackle the current pain-points in the school admission guidance counseling industry. Our company vision is to create a transparent platform where every prospective student could receive equal opportunity for university admission guidance service and relevant university admission information.

Go School HK is founded in December 2020 by Mr. TAM Ka Kiu Gabriel, a Year 4 Global Business student. He then invited Mr. Ting Kai Chung Anson, a recent graduate from the HKUST Computer Engineering department, to join the company in February 2021. Gabriel is focusing on the business development of the startup, while Anson is developing a web-based solution that could foster the interaction between our potential clients and admission consultants in a more efficient manner. The biography of the company’s founder and co-founder is set out below:

Gabriel – Prior to founding Go School HK, Gabriel had started his entrepreneurial journey in year 1 by establishing the Enactus chapter, which is a student-led global initiative that aims to promote social innovation in tertiary institutions, in HKUST. He had also held various leadership positions at different school events. These experiences had inspired him to establish Go School HK in 2020.

Anson – Prior to joining Go School HK, Anson actively participated in entrepreneurship development in his university school life. He has a strong background in web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, and SEO marketing. He immersed himself in developing mobile apps and websites in his entrepreneurship projects, including an AR reading platform and an e-commerce platform. The applications he built received several entrepreneurship awards.

For more information, please visit Go School HK Website: https://www.goschoolhk-study.com/

Photo of Finalist Team- Go School HK and Judge of Dare To Change Competition