HKSTPC Techno Idea Award


Fassionate, a team devote effort on providing convenient, personalized Chinese medicine healthcare service. Through the pulse detector, AI tongue diagnostic system, and questionnaire, we simulate most of the Chinese style diagnostic procedure. After getting the user’s data, we would generate a personal healthcare report based on the diagnostic. We would also deliver the corresponding supplement which the user needed, and optional, additional supplement directly to their home. And the user can always keep track of the past healthcare report to see the progress.

Our business model includes B2C and B2B. First, we will charge the user monthly at a standard price. Based on that, we would provide a basic package of supplement to them. On top of that, we would also provide an optional supplement which is not covered by the monthly charge. Our pricing for the monthly plan will be slightly cheaper than the selling price of the supplement in order to attract more user. Our net profit per person per month will be 99HKD. Secondly, we would seek for partnership with corporate, and provide our service to their workers as another form of employee benefit. We would charge the company for the service. Also, we would partner with the supplement company. We would provide their supplement to our user to draw a percentage from their profit. Based on our model, we expect a break-even at year two and the growth rate of net profit would be around 100% in the future four years. Our expected net profit would reach 15M HKD in the fourth year.

In the future, we would start research and design at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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Photo of HKSTPC Techno Idea Award Winning Team - Fassionate and Judge of Dare To Change Competition