HKSTPC Golden Technopreneur Award

Direct Drive Joint

The design of a robot joint is generally developed from the selection of the motor, the adaptation of the sensor, the development of the driver, and the integration of the system; And it must endure the exploitation of the profit from the motor supplier, the sensor supplier, and the driver supplier; Finally, the reducer, as a core component of the traditional robot joint, has many inherent defects, isn’t perfect. Therefore, the difficulty of development, the strength of suppliers, and the inherent flaws in traditional solution have caused the current robot arm manufacturers can’t rely on the hardware business to make large-scale profits.

The DDJ is a plug-and-play, fully integrated gearless joint product. The plug-and-play design eliminates the need for developers to re-develop every subsystem in the joint, requires only power and communication to achieve precise control; This fully integrated joint embeds all the core components, from the motor to the sensor and the driver, strive to achieve the vertical integration of the supply chain; In addition, DDJ uses a new technical solution, so that there is no mechanical reducer in the body, but it is still able to have similar performance to traditional solutions.

In addition to robotic joints, DDJ is a rotary motion solution that can be used in gearless electric vehicles, virtual reality tactile feedback devices, and more. It will emerge in a variety of traditional gear applications.

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Photo of HKSTPC Golden Technopreneur Award Winning Team - Direct Drive Joint and Judge of Dare To Change Competition