The Golden Award Winning Team of HKSPTC Technopreneur Award


GIVE ME FIVE is an artificial muscle elastic glove, which functions as a stroke rehabilitation medical device, with relatively light weight, high portability and an affordable price. It is a combination of varieties of advanced technologies, by sensing weak EMG signals generated from deep muscles with their own will and convert them to electric signals in the EMG amplifier, which will then be used to control the amount of air from the mini electric pump into the artificial muscle gloves and exert a rising force on each finger. Consequently, patients’ hands can open more easily with assistance of our gloves. Moreover, a continuous body motion can initiate the influenced muscles and brain neurons to regenerate and regain original functions.

By providing stroke patients with a new option, it is believed that “GIVE ME FIVE” can allow them to bring it home and enjoy the same treatment effect anytime and at anyplace.

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The Golden Award Winning Team and Mr. Wilson Chan, Manager of Incubation Promotion, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation