YDC Best Business Plan Award


CuraBox uses an intelligence system to tailor make a personalized supplement list for different people, based on professional pharmacy and nutrition, to let customers know what they need. Transparency is also the core value of CuraBox. We wish our customer to understand what they are taking in, and what problem does it solve.

Our products are sold in a different way than traditional drug stores. Customers are provided with flexible and changeable purchasing modes in the form of “pills/month” to reduce unnecessary waste. Each pack of the supplement will be printed with the consumers' name, some inspirational quotes, daily fortune, celebrity quotes, hope to convey positive information through words, spiritual inspiration, and natural physical and mental health.

For more information, please visit CuraBox Website: https://thecurabox.com/

Photo of YDC Best Business Plan Award Winning Team - CuraBox and Judge of Dare To Change Competition