HKSTPC Silver Technopreneur Award

Chicken Dinner

Indoor wayfinder and positioning technology have been burgeoning in the past few years. These technologies have been proven helpful for the general public, but what’s really sarcastic and disappointing is that most of the current wayfinders are totally unable to support the visually impaired users, who are actually in a way more urgent need of the wayfinder technology. Being experts in the wayfinder technology, we now enthusiastically specialize our solution for those visually impaired people. The result is our innovation—NavDog—that is the specialized world explorer for the disadvantaged.

NavDog is a mobile application that consists of (i) seamless hybrid indoor & outdoor positioning and navigation, (ii) real-time precise navigation instruction and (iii) an instant alerting feedback system. With NavDog, the visually impaired people will be able to travel freely, safely and confidently in the city, indoor and outdoor environments, without barriers. We believe that NavDog will give those visually impaired people another source of light in their lives.

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Photo of HKSTPC Silver Technopreneur Award Winning Team - Chicken Dinner and Judge of Dare To Change Competition