YDC Best Young Startup Award


AfterSchool is an online learning community that combined learning theories, gamification and social elements. Among the 300,000 secondary students in HK, over 90,000 of them are underprivileged students. Not only they cannot afford expensive tutorial classes, but also they need to work as a part-time after school and during weekend in order to sustain their daily living. This makes those underprivileged students have less time to study, together with the lack of learning resources, the gap between them and other students keep enlarging. It is unfair that any of the students lose their learning opportunities and the chance to change their own fate because of their financial hardships. Therefore, we found AfterSchool.

For more information, please visit AfterSchool Website: https://afterschool.com.hk/

Photo of YDC Best Young Startup Award Winning Team - AfterSchool and Judge of Dare To Change Competition