Pet Love

Nowadays, pet hotels are so expensive, and it cannot provide a good environment and service to pets. Pet owners found it difficult to have suitable pet boarding services. The pet population keeps growing fast in both Hong Kong and China. Every 5 year, pet population in Hong Kong increase by almost 30%. In addition, percentage of household who keep pets in china is relatively low compared with America. In another word, there is great potential growth room. Although the pet business has always been treated as the minority, the data shows that it will become mainstream in the future. Some people even said they want a pet instead of a child, showing that modern people’s attitude has changed.

Our idea captures the opportunity of pet industry and sharing economy which only exist recently.

To provide an immediate solution, “Puppy Love” is an affordable online platform for pet owners to find pet sitters to care their pets when they are not at home. Our app will provide three major functions. I Wanna is “finding a pet sitter”, I Help is “being a pet sitter” and I Share is a pet forum for users sharing any pet topics. Moreover, our business is to let pet lovers share their love to pet and spare time to others in this “sharing economy”. In the meantime, pet sitters can have get some rewards too.

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The Finalist Team and Mr. Alex Lui, Managing Director, Olympus Capital Asia Environmental Partners