HKSTPC Bronze Technopreneur Award


How many cards do you carry in your wallet (including all types)? 5, 6,7......... , I bet there are more. So the problem is that, people carry lot of cards in their wallet and it is really really inconvenient for them to manage all those in their busy schedule.

Till 2017, in China itself there are more than 5 Billion cards issued and this is a huge number throughout the world. The process of making cards uses lot of plastic and other resources which are not environment friendly and sustainable for the future.

Hence AIO card serves as an all in one card which is one physical card in which you can store all your cards ensuring safety, security and swiftness. Unlike FUZE card, ONE card, Stratos Card, AIO card specializes in ensuring security with an incard fingerprint sensor, and with easiest way ever to switch between cards through an epaper screen and can be for the future by acting as a crypto hardware wallet. With AIO card, you can reduce the carbon footprint in an average ratio of 1: 5 where 1 card can be used instead of 5 in the near future.

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Photo of HKSTPC Bronze Technopreneur Award Winning Team- AIO and Judge of Dare To Change Competition