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Upcoming Events

4 NOV - 15 FEB


Student Online Registration



Networking Events



Announcement of Official Preliminary Pitching Day Allocation

18 FEB


Briefing Sessions

20 MAR


Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for both preliminary pitching day)

25 MAR


1st Preliminary Pitching Day

  APR -   JUN


“Meet Your Mentor”



2nd Preliminary Pitching Day

13 APR


Announcement of Finalist Teams

13 APR


Networking Event B

10 MAY


Deadline of Submission of 5-minute Presentation (for Final Pitching Day)

13 MAY


Final Pitching Day

27 MAY


Awards Presentation Ceremony


Eligibility And Entry Criteria

  1. YDC “Change Your Life in 5 Minutes: Stand-up Pitch Competition” is open to all current students studying full-time in tertiary education institutes in Hong Kong and the graduates of the academic year 2014-2017; including, but not limited to, undergraduates, postgraduates, research students and international exchange students in Hong Kong.
  2. Participating teams must consist of 1 to 4 member(s). Each team may draw members from different faculties or institutes. Team members are not allowed to join more than 1 team.
  3. All registered teams will be invited to the preliminary round.
  4. Each team should nominate a team leader to be responsible for keeping the team’s information. The team leader will also be the point-of-contact with the Youth Development Council or the organizer.
  5. Participants having received prior investment from any investors of more than HK$1,000,000 before the competition, or groups which have established and or operated for more than 3 years in business forms are NOT allowed to join the competition.




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